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Frequently Asked Questions

What do I need apart from the B44 speakers?

If you purchase our B44 passive speakers you will need:

  • An amplifier – we recommended a quality class D amplifier such as those from SMSL or Topping
  • Speaker cable
  • Cables to connect from the amplifier to your audio source (computer / phone etc..)
Do I need a subwoofer / Do you sell subwoofers?

The Voll B44 is capable of outputting a surprising amount of bass for its size but as the woofers are only 4″ a subwoofer is recommended for bass lovers. Voll branded subwoofers will be available in July 2017.

Can the B44 be used as part of a surround sound setup?

The Voll B44 will work great as front or rear speakers as long as they are placed on stands of the appropriate height.

To use our B44 speakers as part of a surround sound setup you will need an AVR (Audio Video Receiver). We recommend Denon AVRs as they have been shown to work well with our B44 speakers.

Can I get a matching centre speaker?

At this stage we do not stock a matching centre speaker.

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